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New Year 2024

Training Restarts - Monday 8th January 2024

Already we have had athletes outdoors and active this year at the Leamington Parkrun. With the Megan Mc Endurance Squad getting together with a few other LAA athletes. They say mud is good for you so the squad actually went round twice!

WELL DONE to Callum M who was away over Christmas but has the running bug, so did his run at his run at this 23rd new parkrun venue. His goal is to run all England's parkrun routes this year. Good luck with it Cal.

We will be sending out another date soon so WATCH THIS SPACE!


Training Camp

During the winter months our Hurdles Squad have been attending Loughborough University to learn new skills 'n' drills at a Technical Training Camp, to learn from the best of EA coaches Damean Greaves-Oly and Paul Gripton.

This has helped build confidence, learn new skills and make new friends. It also helps direct the coaching, with Coach Rachel making sure she understands how to apply the learning back home on track :-)



Some of our teen academy have challenged themselves to race at Loughborough Universoty over 60m and felt exhilarated to proud to try something new!

WELL DONE to Hollie W who competed indoors in shot, gaining a huge PB after a year of trying and a tough winter scheduled.


Many will be racing again on 3rd February back at Loughborough. If you would like to have a go, click here to ask how.


Nuffield Health & Fitness, Warwick.

Over the winter months, a select number of athletes have been training spoecifiaclly for strength & conditioning with our coaching specialist, Ross Brunner.

Coach Ross has spent an hour each Tuesday putting these athletes to the test in the gym. We are hoping that all their sore muscles will earn lots of new track PB's as we head to the start of the outdoor track season.


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