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Bon Voyage Immy!

Farewell: A Decade of Dedication

Coach Immy

Loosing coaches is always sad and with coach Immy is leaving this week after a decade at LAA. This has made me reflect on the the contributions many young coaches have made to LAA.

So, this message is for all of you who have enjoyed your time coaching at LAA. Thank you


It is with a mixture of pride, gratitude, and a touch of sadness that we say Bon Voyage to Coach Immy.

County Champ

Coach Immy has been a dedicated athlete and shot putter as well as evolving into an outstanding team member at LAA.  Over the years, I have had the privilege of watching Immy become an exceptional coach and a reliable, fun independent woman.

Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Immy as she sets off on a 5 month around-the-world adventure before heading off to university.


No doubt you will drop in over the summer months to support our athletes and coach team before leaving for the next chapter of your adventure - University.

Safe travels, Immy. May your journey be filled with exciting adventures and the same indomitable spirit that has defined your time with us.

Best regards,

Rachel Berney

Head Coach

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