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Any athlete over 11 years old and wanting to compete,

must first register with England Athletics (EA).

Registering for the first time

New athletes applying to register to an affiliated club and will receive a unique EA registration number (URN) they must present when applying for competition. This will be emailed to you once you have paid.


Annual Registration Renewal

Athletes over 11 years old need to pay a renewal fee retain their active status for their URN.

If you do not renew, you cannot compete.


Registering for U11

All athletes under 11 years old can be registered with England Athletics for free by the club shoud you request it . The athlete will receive a URN and can use this number to enter competition. Once an athlete enters the U13 age group (year 6/7) they will be required to pay the EA registeration fee to be affiliated to LAA to then compete.

Registration for Fee 

The EA annual affiliation fee is £17 (+£1 LAA admin) and covers athletes to compete from 1st April that year, to 31st March the following year.  It can be purchased at any time in the year.

England Athletics Affiliation
England Athletics Affiliation
Any athlete wanting to compete must first affiliate with England Athletics (EA). ​ ​
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