Any athlete wanting to compete must first affiliate with England Athletics (EA).

Affiliating for the first time:

New athletes applying to affiliate will receive a unique EA registration number (URN) they must present when applying for competition. This will be emailed to you once you have paid.


Affiliation Renewal:

Athletes paying a renewal fee retain their URN. If you do not renew, you cannot compete.


Affiliation Age:

All athletes aged 11 and over MUST be affiliated in order to compete. *See below*

Athletes under the age of 11 can request a 'no fee' affiliation and receive an EA Number. If this is applicable to you then please contact our competitions coordinator directly.

Note: Fees will become payable when the athlete becomes 11. 

Affiliation Cost:

Affiliation covers the administration and insurance required for competition. The EA annual fee of £15 (+£1 LAA admin) covers athletes to compete from 1st April that year, to 31st March the following year.