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Bags of PB's Indoors

LOUGHBOROUGH - 3rd February 2024

After winter training and the challenges of subzero track sessions, 8 LAA athletes attended Loughborough University's last indoor event of the winter.

Well done Josiah (7.71s) and Danny (T37 - 8.95s) who were the rookies of the team this time.

Indoor 60m is such a blast that after just one race Josiah was high on endorphins and totally hooked!

Danny was one of three para athletes racing on the day and was delighted with his result and hungry for more.

Myles (8.63s) bagged a PB after a winter of training for 200m, so we look forward to seeing how this transfer in the summer. Myles is a role model of resilince and commitment.

Tom (7.58s) was slightly off his PB of 7.46s but with Christmas and mock exams behind him his focus will be on his new challenge -100m hurdles racing! We anticipate an exciting year ahead.

As a multi-eventer Marisa is a regualr on the indoor circuit but Loughborough was almost like a day off for her, racing only 60m hurdles. After trying a new style of start in the second race of the day, her bravery was duly rewarded with a big PB (10.86s) and she was delighted!

The late afternoon start meant teenage athletes were afforded a lie-in, which evidently worked wonders for: Tilly (9.16s), Tilda (8.77s) and Phoebe (8.67s), who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day. Great work ladies!

As this was the second indoor competition for many of the athletes, it was obvious that nerves were well under control this time. This produces an entirely different experience for the athletes, who were then able to try new techniques, or focus on specific aspects of their race.

These competing athletes challenge and support each other to achieve their potential. Something LAA likes to foster and feel proud of.



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