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Competition Season Is Here

Updated: May 9, 2022

HOEL Match Report - 30th April, Banbury

Our first time up in the lofty heights of Division 2, and it was a terrific day to be trackside.

The sun shone and the athletes performed. LAA’s U11 team actually won their age group! Unfortunately, our overall team result was 6th but we are confident that we can compile a much stronger overall team for the next event on Sunday 19th June

With many heroic performances on the day, teamwork was superb, with relays at the end of the day having the loudest cheers.

Poppy L, in her first ever competition missed her first event but took it in her stride, didn’t let this deter her and she smashed the 800 to finish first. She then went on to compete in several other events throughout the day.

Ed B, competing for LAA soaked it all up and showed some really determined running, which he followed with a PB to win the Long jump. Marisa L. dared to enter the hurdles race then ran across the line with the biggest smile of the day. She followed this up by winning in the shot put.

Full team results HOEL Match (1) - HERE

We hope that we can submit a bigger and stronger team for next match HOEL match (2) on Sunday 19th June.

To get involved in the next HOEL please contact Louise Wilks by completing this form. We will be in touch in the second week of June to share the team selection

Many thanks to many parents who helped on the day but special thanks to Louise Wilks, LAA competition coordinator, who spent countless hours promoting and organising the team sheet for match 1, even on her birthday! Lou, you're a star.


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