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2021 - New Year. New Lockdown.

Dear Members,

We hope you shared some joy and peace over Christmas and that you and your family are safe. We closed club even before the national lockdown, as we felt it too much of a risk to members and to our NHS.

Lockdown 1.0 - April/May 2020 We stayed connected and motivated members with daily FB challenges but with pupils now studying daily online, we do not believe this would be effective.

Lockdown 2.0 - November 2020 We complied vidoes of our coaches setting weekly academy challenges, ran bi-weekly HiTT sessions, weekly social Zoom events with prizes and delivered Lockdown 2.0 t-shirts for free. We then resumed club for the final two weeks of the termand had lots of fun!

Lockdown 3.0 - January 2021 We are back in lockdown but now have dark nights, cold weather and complications to school/home life for all. Whilst we have had many pay fees in advance of the announcement of the national lockdown, we promise to transfer all funds to the sessions once they start. We do not know when this is yet....

We will do are best to be creative and supportive to all our members and we wish you health and happiness during these difficult times.

Keep in touch with us, check out our LAA facebook page and feel free to share an suggestions with us, so we can encourage one another in coping with this Lockdown.


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