Our Club

How We coach



Established in September 2011 and affiliated in 2014, Leamington Athletics Academy (LAA) is a multi-event athletics club, training athletes from 6 years to 18 years old in all track and field events.

  • Multi event training for all, with event specialism once in Under 15 Category
  • Address individual needs as the athlete trains, grows and matures.
  • Fun

L.A.A. uses the England Athletics scheme of delivery ‘Athletics 365’ to coach an individual’s technical proficiency .

Each Summer term we assess all Under 13’s and award their 365 Certificate at our annual LAA Awards evening, along with many other awards.

To understand more about Athletics 365 and to see our club in action, watch this short video (4:52).

L.A.A. Competition (Optional)


As a new club we encourage competition for our athletes when they are ready. We also welcome those who wish to participate for fun and fitness.

  • WINTER – team indoor Sportshall and team and individual Cross Country events
  • SUMMER – track ad field events, school events and Quadkids (Juniors)