Join LAA for a half-term complete body fitness and conditioning sessions delivered by Michelle Clements - a qualified PT, athletics coach & fitness specialist.


   Monday 6:45pm - 7:45pm

   Wednesday 6:45pm - 7:45pm


Option 1: Once a week £20

Option 2: Twice a week: £30

You can alter between days each week.


You will be charged a one-time £5 joining fee today.

You will then be emailed a link to set up a direct debit with us to pay for the sessions moving forward, this may take a few mins to come through.

Failure to set the direct debit up will mean your athlete does not have a place in the sessions.

Sessions are £20 per month.

All academies have the option to train twice a week for £30 per month. 

You can make this selection upon receiving your confirmation e-mail by selecting the link you wish.

The direct debit will be taken out on the first day of each month. The cost of the term time sessions has been split across twelve equal payments which means you will pay the full direct debit amount even if there is no training at points in that month due to school holidays.

E.G: You will pay the full amount on the 1st of December, even though there will not be training during the Christmas break.

There will be alternative arrangements made for bank holidays or track closures, which you will be informed about closer to the time.