Established in September 2011, LAA is an affiliated club of England Athletics and is a multi-event athletics club, training athletes from 6 – 18 years old in all track and field events.

Athletes will be encouraged to specialise in events when ready but not before they are 13 years old. Event specialist sessions are by invitation only once an athlete has shown potential either in attitude and/or ability.



Mini Academy: Aged 6-7years old

Monday or Wednesday  5.15-6.15pm


Junior Academy: Aged 8, school year 4+5

Monday or Wednesday at  5.15-6.15pm or 6.30-7.30pm


U13 Academy: School year 6+7

Monday or Wednesday at 5.15-6.15pm or 6.30-7.30pm


*Teen Academy: School year 8-13

Monday and/or Wednesday at 6.30-8.00pm


All half term fees are £35 and invoiced via email, for online payment

*Option to train both days



Play - Practice - Perform

LAA coach and assess technical proficiency using England Athletics‘ curriculum ‘Athletics365’.

LAA athletes are offered competition opportunities for both indoors (Sportshall) and outdoors (track & field, cross country) but competition is not compulsory.




All athletes are coached in fundamental movement skills; agility, balance, and coordination. Coaches also use games to keep training fun, and help athletes learn the technical aspects of all track and field events. The children are organised into groups dependent on their age, so that they can be coached more effectively. The groups are as follows:

  • Mini Academy:           6-7    Year olds    (School years 1-3)

    • Learn track etiquette, run-jump-throw and relays.​

  • Junior Academy:       8-10   Year olds   (School years 3-5)

    • Learn warm ups, running drills and are introduced to and are assessed on the technical aspects of all events. This group has opportunities to compete.

  • Under 13 Academy:  11-12 Year olds    (School years 6-7)

    • Develop their skills in practicing all events ​and assessed on the technical aspects of all events. This group is also encouraged to compete.

  • Teens Academy:        12+    Year olds     (School years 8+)

    • Develop their skills in practicing all events and have an opportunity to specialise in sprinting or endurance. They also practicing jumps and throws to help find their favourite event. Specialist training sessions are also available for this age group.


As a new club we encourage competition for our athletes when they are ready. We also welcome those who wish to participate for fun and fitness.

WINTER – team indoor Sportshall and team and individual Cross Country events
SUMMER – track ad field events, school events and Quadkids (Juniors)